new Apple tools: eficheck (and nvm)

Apple has apparently created a tool for examining Apple Mac EFI firmware, called eficheck. As I understand things, it was released, then pulled due to some issues (bugs?), and is apparently now avabilable in latest macOS updates. Also, it sounds like there might be another tool for NVMe diagnostics.

usage: eficheck: [–save -b] [ –cleanup -b] [–generate-hashes [-b] [-p]] [–integrity-check [-h [-b]]] [–show-hashes [-h] | [-b]]

Maybe someday there’ll be more info on eficheck, if you find any manpage or other info, please leave a Comment.

One thought on “new Apple tools: eficheck (and nvm)

  1. Sorry if my tweet was misleading, I meant to say nvm as in never mind. I don’t think there’s any NVMe firmware checker in macOS yet.


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