Google Pawn: Intel firmware dumping tool!

Exciting, Google has a new tool that helps dump the UEFI/BIOS into a rom.bin, like FlashROM and CHIPSEC! Pawn is written in C++/C, Apache-licensed, requires Linux and GCC toolchain. Given 2014-2017 copyright, it has been around for YEARS, only went public 3 months ago, and I just noticed it today. See below, I am still looking for “Bishop”…

Pawn BIOS Dumping Tool
Copyright 2014-2017 Google Inc.
Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google.
Pawn is a tool to extract the BIOS firmware from Intel-based workstations and laptops. The name is a play on an internal tool that is also named after a chess piece.
sudo .build/pawn bios_image.bin
You can then use other tools like UEFITool to process the firmware image further.

What/where is Pawn’s companion utility, Bishop?? From comments:

Pawn, a companion utility to Bishop (go/bishop) to extract BIOS firmware from corp machines.

If you find it, please leave a Comment.


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