FWTS 15.11.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonlical has announced the release of FWTS (FirmWare Test Suite) version 15.11.00, the November 2015 quarterly release, with multiple changes to the UEFI and ACPI tools.

= Significant Updates =
 * Update ACPICA to version 20150930

= New Features =
  * Add in the notion of ACPI compliance tests.
  * MADT subtables: Local SAPIC structure has 3 reserved bytes, not 1
  * ACPI: MADT: update GICC flag checks for ACPI 6.0
  * ACPI: MADT: further update to GICC flag checks for 6.0
  * acpi: method: skip scope names in method_evaluate_method
  * acpi: method: add _GPE test
  * acpi: method: add _TSN test
  * acpi: method: add _TFP test
  * acpi: method: add _EC test
  * acpi: method: add _CWS test
  * acpi: method: add _BTH test
  * auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: add xenial
  * acpi: tpm2: add check for zero control area address (LP: #1506442)
  * securebootcert: change fail to warning when MS UEFI CA not found in DB
  * lib: fwts_uefi: add BMC device path define
  * uefidump: add dumping the BMC device path
  * uefibootpath: add test for the BMC device path
  * lib: fwts_uefi: add the URI device path define
  * uefibootpath: add test for the URI device path
  * uefidump: add dumping for the URI device path
  * lib: fwts_uefi: add the UFS device path define
  * uefidump: add dumping for the UFS device path
  * uefibootpath: add test for the UFS device path

= Fixed Bugs =
  * dmi: dmicheck: fix SMBIOS issues on aarch64 systems
  * acpidump: add missing reserved fields to MADT structures
  * cpufreq: the calibration is taking a long time, make it faster
  * acpi: tcpa: replace tab with spaces to fix formatting alignment

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FWTS 15.08.00 released

Today Canonical has released version 15.08.00 of FWTS (FirmWare Test Suite), a set of firmware-related tests for Linux-based systems. The tests can be run via command line, or via a curses front-end, the latter of which is used by the FWS-live distribution. FWTS is also included in Intel’s LUV-live (Linux UEFI Validation) distribution, but it’ll take LUV a bit of time to update to new FWTS release. FWTS is also available as packages on Ubuntu-based distributions.

It appears that most new features are ACPI-related. New ACPI TPM2 and IORT tests, new tables for: FPDT, MCHI, STAO, ASF!, WDAT, and a few other things. There were a lot of bugfixes as well. For more information, see the full announcement, the changelog, and sources:


I wish ALL Linux/FreeBSD distributions would ship FWTS, not just Ubuntu-based ones: FTWS is very useful to detect if system has anomalies which’ll make it difficult to install/use the OS. Granted, those distro uses can just use FWTS-live, but they have to reboot into FWTS-live to use FWTS, with no native packaging.

FirmWare Test Suite 15.07.00 released

[Update: Colin King also blogged about this release:
http://smackerelofopinion.blogspot.com/2015/07/new-acpi-table-tests-in-fwts150700.html ]

Today Alex Hung of Canonical announced the latest release of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite.

Tar: http://fwts.ubuntu.com/release/fwts-V15.07.00.tar.gz
PPA: https://launchpad.net/~firmware-testing-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa-fwts-stable
Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirmwareTestSuite/ReleaseNotes/15.07.00

Changes to existing Features:
* –uefi and –acpi options renamed to –uefitests and –acpitests
* ACPI table tests in the acpitables test have been moved into specific ACPI tests.

New Features:
* acpi: acpidump: update TCPA table and acpidump accordingly
* acpi: add ACPI TCPA test
* acpi: add XENV table test
* lib: fwts_framework: Append “tests” to –uefi and –acpi
* live-image/fwts-frontend-text: update to –uefitests and –acpitests
* lib: acpi, acpidump: rename slit tables types
* lib: acpi: add in new GICC table fwts_acpi_table_gicc_affinity
* acpi: add SRAT table sanity checking (LP: #1464658)
* acpi: add BERT table sanity checking (LP: #1464712)
* lib: acpi: Add in GAS address types
* acpi: add ECDT table sanity checking (LP: #1464716)
* lib: acpi: Add support for the SPMI table
* acpi: add ACPI SPMI table sanity checking (LP: #1465256)
* acpi: add ACPI SLIT table sanity checking (LP: #1465276)
* lib: acpi: Add support for the HEST family of ACPI tables
* acpi: add ACPI HEST table sanity checking (LP: #1465379)
* acpi: Add BOOT table test (LP: #1465435)
* acpi: Add DBGP table test (LP: #1465441)
* acpi: Add DBG2 table test (LP: #1465710)
* acpi: re-orgainise HPET tests
* acpi: move MADT test from acpitables into new MADT test
* acpi: move GTDT test from acpitables into new GTDT test
* acpi: move XSDT test from acpitables into new XSDT test
* acpi: move RSDP test from acpitables into new RSDP test
* acpi: move RSDT test from acpitables into new RSDT test
* acpi: acpitables: remove no-op MCFG test
* acpi: move SBST test from acpitables into new SBST test
* acpi: move FADT test from acpitables into existing FADT test
* acpi: acpitables: remove redundant acpi table checking
* acpi: allow various ACPI table tests to run without root access
* lib: fwts_acpi_tables: fully pad out fixed up ACPI OEM IDs
* acpi: spcr: add missing white space in error messages
* acpi: add ACPI ERST test (LP: #1467835)
* acpi: correct ACPI BGRT table type
* acpi: add ACPI BGRT test (LP: #1467863)
* acpi: add ACPI CPEP test (LP: #1467870)
* acpi: add ACPI FACS test (LP: #1467966)
* acpi: acpidump: add in missing exponent field to SLIC
* acpi: add CSRT ACPI Table test (LP: #1470116)
* acpi: add LPIT ACPI test (LP: #1470184)
* acpi: add WAET ACPI table test (LP: #1470495)
* acpi: add SLIC table test (LP: #1470518)
* acpi: add MSDM table test (LP: #1470538)
* acpi: add UEFI ACPI data table test (LP: #1471698)
* bios: os2gap: remove ancient legacy test (LP: #1470573)

Fixed Bugs:
* acpi: acpidump: update SMM Communication fields on UEFI table
* lib: make acpidump parser more robust (LP: #1471202)
* fwts: cpufreq: fix theoretical division by zero (LP: #1466905)
* acpi: method: remove extraneous “_” in error message
* lib: fwts_klog: fix vector size and handle errors from pcre_exec (LP: #1461520)
* acpi: lib: fwts_acpi_tables: force fixup when loading tables from /sys/firmware
* lib: acpica: compiler: link in missing objects (LP: #1461936)

Firmware Test Suite 15.06.00 released

Today Alex Hung of Canonical announced the availability of FWTS (FirmWare TestSuite) version 15.06.00. FTWS is useful to determine if your system has operational hardware/firmware. Besides command line tests, it has a curses front-end UI, and a FTWS-live distribution; FWTS tests are also included in LUVos, though I’m not sure if LUV is synced to the latest FWTS yet.

New Features:
  * lib: acpi: add an acpi category
  * live-image/fwts-frontend-text: add selections of acpi and uefi tests
  * acpi: add tests to acpi category
  * acpi: fwts-tests: Remove redundant tailing space and update fwts-tests
  * auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: remove lucid
  * auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: add wily
  * acpi: Add SPCR ACPI table check (LP: #1433604)
  * dmi: dmicheck: add 4 new DMI chassis types

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