Firmware Test Suite 15.06.00 released

Today Alex Hung of Canonical announced the availability of FWTS (FirmWare TestSuite) version 15.06.00. FTWS is useful to determine if your system has operational hardware/firmware. Besides command line tests, it has a curses front-end UI, and a FTWS-live distribution; FWTS tests are also included in LUVos, though I’m not sure if LUV is synced to the latest FWTS yet.

New Features:
  * lib: acpi: add an acpi category
  * live-image/fwts-frontend-text: add selections of acpi and uefi tests
  * acpi: add tests to acpi category
  * acpi: fwts-tests: Remove redundant tailing space and update fwts-tests
  * auto-packager: remove lucid
  * auto-packager: add wily
  * acpi: Add SPCR ACPI table check (LP: #1433604)
  * dmi: dmicheck: add 4 new DMI chassis types

More Information:

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