ACPI Debugging: ACPI AML Debugger in Ubuntu 18.04

Alex Hung of Canonical — and one of the FirmWare Test Suite developers — has a new blog post, showing how to debug ACPI on recent builds of Ubuntu:

ACPICA is a project that provides an operating system (OS)-independent reference implementation. It also contains a list of utilities such as ASL compiler (iasl), acpiexec (an AML emulator) and so on. However, debugging AML on Linux in real time wasn’t provided in ACPICA … until Linux Kernel 4.13. The aml-debugger.txt the instruction of how to enable AML debugger, is available at Documentation/acpi/ in Linux kernel source code. In short, two things are required to run AML debugging. […] While compiling a custom-build kernel with the above two config is nothing new to kernel developers, it is often inconvenient for firmware developers who need to verify ACPI implementation in their firmware. Fortunately, Ubuntu 18.04 (x64) enables these two config by default, and one can run acpidbg on Ubuntu 18.04 – even on Ubuntu Live from USB too! Executing acpidbg on Ubuntu 18.04 is very straight-forward[…]


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Firmware Test Suite 17.07.00 released

Today Alex Hung of Canonical announced the latest release of FWTS. The list of New Features appears to all be ACPI-centric:

* acpi: bgrt: update according to acpi 6.1 errata (mantis 1577)
* acpi: method: update _PSD and _TSD tests according to ACPI 6.1 errata
* acpi: rsdp: revision 1 must have length 20 according to ACPI 6.1 errata
* acpi: method: Add _CPC revision 3 according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1611)
* acpi: hest: add new type 11 introduced in ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1649)
* acpi: srat: add new type 4 according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1656)
* acpi: method: update _GCP according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1703)
* acpi: hest: add notification type 11 according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1731)
* acpi: fadt: update minor version to 2 for ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1769)
* acpi: hest: add checks for GHES_ASSIST flag value in ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1674)
* acpi: wsmt: add wsmt test according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1585)
* ACPICA: Update to version 20170629
* acpi: tpm2: Add additional start method values
* acpi: iort: Add PMCG support

See the full announcement for list of Fixed Bugs (which aren’t ACPI-centric).



UEFI Forum recommends FWTS for it’s ACPI tests

FWTS has had ACPI tests for a while, and it’s basically the best public set of ACPI tests available. Better than anything the UEFI Forum has, like the SCTs. They’ve been using FWTS in the UEFI plugfests for a while, for ACPI purposes. Now the UEFI Forum is more formally recommending FWTS. Alex Hung of Canonical announces a new milestone for FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite:

FWTS 17.03.00 is recommended as the ACPI 6.1 SCT

We have achieved another important milestone! The UEFI Board of Directors recommends Firmware Test Suite (FWTS) release 17.03.00 as the ACPI v6.1 Self-Certification Test (SCT), More information is available at:
Thank you all for who contributed patches, reported bugs, provided feedbacks and used FWTS in your work.

Thanks, FWTS, for having the best ACPI tests available!


Full announcement:



FWTS 17.06.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonical.com announced the 17.06.00 release of FWTS (FirmWare Test Suite).

New Features:
* ACPICA: Update to version 20170531
* olog: olog.json: Update OPAL skiboot errors to check on olog scan
* bios: mtrr: print out actual default type of MTRR

See the full announcement for the list of bugs fixed in this release.



Firmware Test Suite 17.02.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonical announced the 17.02.00 release of FWTS, with new EFI and ACPI support. As well, IBM has been contributing some OpenPOWER support and it appears there is work to make an OpenPOWER version of FWTS-live.

One thing I recently noticed for FWTS: the UEFI Secure Boot tests are hard-coded only to work with Ubuntu’s Secure Boot key. I hope some other Linux distros add some distro-centric Secure Boot tests, beyond the Ubuntu test.

New Features:
  * ACPICA: Update to version 20170119
  * acpi: s3: Add new –s3-resume-hook option
  * Add README_JSON.txt for FWTS
  * klog.json: Add some more kernel messages to klog data base
  * klog.json: Add some EFI driver kernel messages to klog database
  * klog.json: Add some EFI quirk driver kernel messages to klog database
  * klog.json: Add some more EFI driver kernel messages to klog database
  * klog.json: Add some miscellaneous messages to klog database
  * Integrate PPC for FWTS-LIVE Frontend
  * fedora: Add fedora internal versioning number in fwts.spec
  * fedora: Add fwts.spec.in
  * fedora: Update buildsrpm.sh for dynamic versioning
  * fwts_framework: handle -? option differently from -h

See the full announcement for list of bugfixes.


FWTS 17.01.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonical has announced the release of FWTS 17.01.00, the FirmWare Test Suite.

New Features:
* ACPICA: Update to version 20161222
* klog.json: Add kernel errors to the database
* fedora/fwts.spec: Add initial version of fwts.spec
* fedora/buildrpm.sh: Add build script for RPMs

See the full announcement for more details:


FWTS 16.09.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonical announced the latest release of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite, on the fwts-announce  and other lists.

New Features include:
  * lib: acpi: add supports for WPBT
  * acpi: wpbt: add ACPI WPBT test
  * lib: acpi: add supports for DRTM
  * acpi: drtm: add ACPI DRTM test
  * lib: fwts_guid: add a compare function
  * acpi: nfit: check fields equals 0 for Virtual CD and Disk
  * opal: mtd: Add OPAL MTD Validation
  * acpi: ACPI Platform check updates
  * acpi: fadt: Remove HEADLESS check on reduced hardware
  * pci: aspm: Add segment support
  * ACPICA: Update to version 20160831

See the full announcement for list of bugfixes.