FWTS 16.05.01 released

Alex Hung of Canonical has announced the 16.05.01 release of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite.

There are new ACPI and IPMI and TCG OVAL and Linux device-tree tests. In addition to new features, there’s an even larger list of bugfixes for most classes (UEFI, BIOS, ACPI, etc.) of tools, not excerpted below, see the full announcement for those.

New Features:
  * acpi: add MSCT table sanity check
  * acpi: add EINJ table sanity check
  * ACPICA: Update to version 20160318 (LP: #1559312)
  * Introduce olog scan, to check OPAL msglog.
  * Introduce IPMI BMC Info
  * devicetree: add infrastructure for device-tree tests
  * devicetree/dt_sysinfo: Add device tree system information tests
  * devicetree/dt_base: Add base device-tree validity checks
  * debian/control: change depends on libjson0-dev to libjson-c-dev
  * auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: add yakkety and remove vivid
  * debian/control: add back libjson0-dev for precise


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