Jom Masters at FOSDEM: Exploiting modern microarchitectures

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FOSDEM 2018 CfP: Hardware Enablement Devroom

FOSDEM is happening in Brussels, Belgium in early February.

FOSDEM Hardware Enablement Devroom Call for Participation

In this devroom we want to discuss topics surrounding hardware enablement. Subjects can range from the firmware running on the bare metal machine, drivers and plumbing all the way to the user interface. We welcome a board range of presentations, including but not limitied to technical talks, state of union summaries as well as discussions that facilitate the collaboration between community members, software vendors and OEMs. A particular emphasis will be given to talks covering a significant part of the software stack involved in hardware enablement, with an obvious focus on using open source throughout the whole stack.

Topics & Examples
* UX design to enable users to use their HW effectively
* Firmware:
– coreboot
– flashrom
– UEFI EDK2 (Tianocore)
– Security
– Lockdown of platform using firmware
– Updating
* Secure Boot
* Hardware testing / certification
* Thunderbolt 3 security modes
* Gaming input devices (keyboards, mice, piper)
* Biometric authentication
* Miracast or controlling remote devices
* Why vendors should facilitate upstream development

There are many more devrooms, as well:



The other day I mentioned that coreboot was going to be at FOSDEM’17.

(I mistakingly called it FOSSDEM instead of FOSDEM. And I mistakingly pointed to the FOSDEM’16 expo layout, ignore that.) 😦

In addition to coreboot presence, there are also multiple interesting presentations, including (but not limited to):


FOSDEM is happening soon, and there are a *LOT* of interesting talks there this year:

Here’s a mere teaser of the many hardware/firmware-related ones, from a very quick (incomplete) look at their schedule, there are MANY other interesting talks not listed below.:

Genode’s TrustZone demo on the USB Armory
Developing eco-conscious Libre Hardware
Libreboot – free your BIOS today!
MIPS, the other side of the embedded
open source FPGA toolchain and hardware
NemoTablet, a FOSS DIY tablet using Raspberry Pi 2
Make your own USB device without pain and money!
Security in IoT; more a cultural chock than a technical challenge
IoT meets Security
USBGuard: Take control over your USB devices

FOSDEM embedded CFP ends December 7th!

FOSDEM, one of the main community-driven open source conferences, takes place in Brussels, Belgium at the end of January. They have an track for embedded systems, a good place for Open Source Hardware, Free Hardware, and related projects to participate. The Call for Participation/Papers has been open for FOSDEM, including the Embedded track. The CFP deadline is December 7th!

“Embedded software is transforming the world, and FOSS embedded software is leading the way. From automotive to the Internet of Things, launching rockets, messing with your phone or automating your toaster, small devices, embedded systems, and automatons are everywhere. Join in and tell the world about your project! The embedded devroom seeks topics related to automotive, mobile, autonomous, and generally small systems. Related areas are of course of interest as well and our definition of “embedded” is elastic.”

The FOSDEM 2016 Embedded devroom co-organizers are:
* Peter De Schrijver, Kernel engineer at Nvidia
* Philippe De Swert, HW adaptation engineer at Jolla
* Jeremiah C. Foster, GENIVI Community Manager
* Thomas Petazzoni, CTO Free Electrons
* Geert Uytterhoeven, Glider bvba

For more information: (select “embedded devroom” Track)