FOSDEM 2018 CfP: Hardware Enablement Devroom

FOSDEM is happening in Brussels, Belgium in early February.

FOSDEM Hardware Enablement Devroom Call for Participation

In this devroom we want to discuss topics surrounding hardware enablement. Subjects can range from the firmware running on the bare metal machine, drivers and plumbing all the way to the user interface. We welcome a board range of presentations, including but not limitied to technical talks, state of union summaries as well as discussions that facilitate the collaboration between community members, software vendors and OEMs. A particular emphasis will be given to talks covering a significant part of the software stack involved in hardware enablement, with an obvious focus on using open source throughout the whole stack.

Topics & Examples
* UX design to enable users to use their HW effectively
* Firmware:
– coreboot
– flashrom
– UEFI EDK2 (Tianocore)
– Security
– Lockdown of platform using firmware
– Updating
* Secure Boot
* Hardware testing / certification
* Thunderbolt 3 security modes
* Gaming input devices (keyboards, mice, piper)
* Biometric authentication
* Miracast or controlling remote devices
* Why vendors should facilitate upstream development

There are many more devrooms, as well:


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