GNU/HardenedLinux translates ‘Platform Firmware Security Defense…’ ebook to Chinese


The book “Platform Firmware Security Defense for Enterprise System Administrators and Blue Teams“, which Paul English of PreOS security wrote, introducing the concept of firmware security for the system administrator audience:

has been translated to Chinese, by the GNU Hardened Linux project!

more info:


io386: tool wrapping around ioperm(2), iopl(2), outb(b), etc.

Introduction: A command line tool wrapping around ioperm(2) iopl(2) outb(2), etc.
Where it is needed: Designed for Linux-as-bootloader-payload schemes like Heads, in order to perform low-level IO operations, e.g. triggering SMIs.


Hardened Linux and firmware

I recently noticed Hardened Linux, because they were calling CHIPSEC. I just noticed they have some informational pages with info on Intel ME/AMT/UEFI and other technologies:


Hardened Linux: coreboot and CHIPSEC

A bit more information on Hardened Linux’s use of CHIPSEC, in this case coreboot-centric:

“# Enabling some security features at runtime in case of which vendor provided implementation improperly.”

There aren’t many CHIPSEC-based codebases, Hardened Linux is one relatively new one.