Intel mailing lists

It is sometimes funny to watch a company do open source. Intel’s, for Open Source projects, has a mailing list server with multiple lists:

There are lists for LUV and CHIPSEC. These work fine!

There is a list for Thunderbolt Software. …but it is a closed list, with no public archives. 😦

The text that it is a closed list:
“This is a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.”

There’s a list for Intel Kernel Guard Technology (KGT). It also is a closed list, with the same text as the Thunderbolt list. BUT, their archives are publicly-available.

There’s a list for BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS)!
But there are no archives, perhaps a closed list, or just broken archives?

I rather wish Intel used or for closed lists, and kept the Open Source-centric 01.0rg’s list all public, with working archives. 😦

Intel porting KGT to UEFI

The other day I learned about Intel KGT:

Then I noticed Matthew Garrett’s twitter feed, saying that it didn’ t work with UEFI… But today I note that Vincent Zimmer of Intel has a new Twitter post,  saying that Intel is working on porting KGT to work with UEFI:

Looking forward to UEFI-enabled iKGT!