Thread Group and Open Connectivity Foundation

“Today the Thread Group and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) announced that the two alliances will work together in their mission to advance the adoption of connected home products. The Thread Group and OCF share many member companies who will benefit from this liaison agreement, and both groups are committed to driving improved cross-application interoperability and device connectivity in the connected home […]”

Intel IoT technology update

Rick Merritt has an article in EE Times, covering multiple stories on new Intel’s IoT-related offerings, including new Quarks, and IoT OS releases (Rocket and Pulsar) from Intel’s Wind River:

MIAOW and Raven3 at HotChips

HotChips ended this week. As mentioned in the last post on this event:

not only is the Open Source ISA RISC-V there, but so was an Open Hardware GPU, MIAOW (Many-core Integrated Accelerator of Wisconsin):

Rick Merritt of EE Times has written a new articles on both the RISC-V ISA and MIAOW GPU: