STM added to Tianocore

Intel has submitted a patch to Tianocore to add STM support!

[edk2] [patch 0/4] Add STM (Smi Tranfer Monitor) support

This patch series is used to add STM support to UefiCpuPkg. More details about STM are described in:

28 files changed, 6036 insertions(+), 65 deletions(-)

More info:


Intel SMI Transfer Monitor (STM) for SMM

Recently, Intel announced STM, a way to help secure SMM.

So far, it appears the some of the expert firmware security researchers do not dissapprove of STM, though they wanted it earlier:

Intel announces STM at IDF

Intel just announced STM at IDF, read Vincent’s blog for more details:

Click to access A_Tour_Beyond_BIOS_Launching_STM_to_Monitor_SMM_in_EFI_Developer_Kit_II.pdf

Click to access STM_User_Guide-001.pdf