EfiPy: Python Library for accessing UEFI BIOS internal function by protocol

I just noticed this project, and it’s been around for years, and I’ve been using UEFI and Python for years, sigh. 😦 It appears the developer is Max Wu of Phoenix. There is a blog, in addition to the tool. The blog has also been around for a long time, last post was last month, on UEFI topic not scoped to EfiPy.

EfiPy is a Python Module on UEFI shell which can access UEFI BIOS kernel interface:
– System Table
– Runtime Services
– Boot Services

pAnalyzer package –
Tracing UEFI protocol calling flow
Output protocol flow to screen or file with XML format

CorePy (assembly package) –
Simple Assembly code in Python environment.

EfiPy Shell package-
Simple uefi shell program coded with EfiPy library to prove EfiPy workable

EfiPy leverage these open source packages – ctypes, CorePy.




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UEFI PI spec updated

The UEFI Forum has released a new version of the PI spec. William’s blog entry has a copy of the relevent section of the release notes:


Click to access PI_Spec_1_7_final_Jan_2019.pdf


Some input from Nikolaj:

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