Jim Fear joins Apple

I missed this, earlier this month. Wow, Apple has hired MANY great UEFI security researchers. Looking forward to seeing the results of their product.


I hope the open source project Voltron, and his EFI tools will be maintained. It seems some who join Apple are not permitted to work on open source projects.


(In vaguely-related news, last night my MacBook just self-destructed, the non-replacable battery expanded and popped the system open, knocking the trackpad out. The sausage expired. 😦

Voltron integration for Binary Ninja


Binary Ninja plugin for Voltron integration.

* Synchronise the selected instruction in Binary Ninja with the instruction pointer in the debugger
* Mark breakpoints that are set in the debugger in Binary Ninja
* Set and delete breakpoints in the debugger from Binary Ninja





If you have not looked at Voltron, by Jim Fear, please check it out, it is quite powerful:


Voltron is an extensible debugger UI toolkit written in Python. It aims to improve the user experience of various debuggers (LLDB, GDB, VDB and WinDbg) by enabling the attachment of utility views that can retrieve and display data from the debugger host. By running these views in other TTYs, you can build a customised debugger user interface to suit your needs. Voltron does not aim to be everything to everyone. It’s not a wholesale replacement for your debugger’s CLI. Rather, it aims to complement your existing setup and allow you to extend your CLI debugger as much or as little as you like. If you just want a view of the register contents in a window alongside your debugger, you can do that. If you want to go all out and have something that looks more like OllyDbg, you can do that too.