Windows 10 and Secure Boot

Microsoft made Windows 10 available today, free upgrade for v7 and v8 users. The spec says:

“Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has the Microsoft Windows Certification Authority in the UEFI signature database.”

For more information on Window 10’s firmware/hardware security requirements, look at Microsoft’s talk from the last UEFI Forum plugfest, from May: “Overview of Windows 10 Requirements for TPM, HVCI and SecureBoot“, by Gabe Stocco, Scott Anderson and Suhas Manangi (Microsoft):

More Information:

Click to access UEFI_Plugfest_May_2015%20Windows%2010%20Requirements%20for%20TPM%2C%20HVCI%20and%20SecureBoot.pdf

Spring Plugfest presentations uploaded

The PDFs of the presentations from last months’ UEFI Forum plugfest have been uploaded to
(scroll about half-way through the page, after the Youtube videos…)

* System Prep Applications – Powerful New Feature in UEFI 2.5 – Kevin Davis (Insyde Software)
* Filling UEFI/FW Gaps in the Cloud – Mallik Bulusu (Microsoft) and Vincent Zimmer (Intel)
* PreBoot Provisioning Solutions with UEFI – Zachary Bobroff (AMI)
* An Overview of ACPICA Userspace Tools – David Box (Intel)
* UEFI Firmware – Securing SMM – Dick Wilkins (Phoenix Technologies)
* Overview of Windows 10 Requirements for TPM, HVCI and SecureBoot – Gabe Stocco, Scott Anderson and Suhas Manangi (Microsoft)
* Porting a PCI Driver to ARM AArch64 Platforms – Olivier Martin (ARM)
* Firmware in the Data Center: Goodbye PXE and IPMI. Welcome HTTP Boot and Redfish! – Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (Hewlett Packard)
* A Common Platforms Tree – Leif Lindholm (Linaro)

This’ll be a very short blog, as I’m busy reading 9 new PDFs… 🙂 I’ll do blogs on some these specific presentations in the coming days.