Upcoming features in UEFI Python port

Today, on the EDK2-devel mailing list, Daryl McDaniel of Intel gave us a hint about upcoming changes in the UEFI port of CPython 2.7x. I am looking forward to UEFI  ctypes, as well as threading!

More Information, quoting Daryl’s posting:

Later this year I will be committing a port of the ctypes module for EDK II Python.  The built-in edk2 module will also be extended to provide a pointer to the SystemTable which can then be used with the ctypes module to access any of the Boot or Runtime Services as well as loading protocols and accessing their member functions and data. I hope to follow that with some pure Python code that allows direct access to UEFI functionality without the user having to know how to use ctypes.  This is not on the official plan but is just something I would like to do so I can’t give a definite schedule for it. Things that are queued up (in no particular order) are:
    *  command-line switch to force stderr to stdout, similar to 2>&1 redirection.
    *  ctypes for IA32 and X64
    *  threading
    *  4Suite-XML
    * cDeepCopy
    *  zope interface
    *  UEFI wrappers for ctypes

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