New LAVA tool from Collabora

Today, Collabora released ‘lqa’, a new command line tool — and new Python API — for working with LAVA. LAVA is Linaro’s test tool that enables ‘continuous integration’-style testing with embedded devices (including QEMU), to update the firmware and OS, and run tests on the device. The main LAVA interface is a web UI. The tool is mainly intended for embedded development/QA, but is also useful for security researchers. Quoting their announcement on the linaro-validation mailing list:

Collabora has been working on `lqa’, a tool to submit and manage LAVA jobs, which helps to get many of the LAVA job administration and monitoring tasks conveniently done from the command line. `lqa’ brings a new API, lqa_api python module, a complete set of classes to easily interact with LAVA and offering at the same time a clean API on top of which further applications can be built upon (like `lqa’ itself). It has a templating system (using jinja2 package) that allows to use variables in json job files (in future could be expanded to support yaml), specifying their values either from a profile file or directly from the command line making possible the dynamic assignments of template variables during the `lqa’ command execution. The templating mechanism allows to handle groups of jobs, therefore it makes it easier to submit jobs in bulk. `lqa’ also features a flexible profile system (in YAML) which allows to specify a ‘main-profile’ from which further sub-profiles can inherit values, avoiding information duplication between similar profiles. Other of the current features include: Test report generation with the ‘analyse’ subcommand, Polling to check for job completion, All the operations offer logging capabilities, and Independent profile and configuration files.

More Information:

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