Hacking Team had other bootkits

Vlad Tsyrklevich wrote an excellent aritcle on the 0-day market via analyzing the Wikileak’ed Hacking Team emails:


Most have already read about the UEFI malware that it used, including this Intel ATR analysis:

Beyond this UEFI malware, Vlad’s analysis of the Wikileaks email revealed at least 2 other firmware exploits that Hacker Team appeared to have been using:

08/19/13,  ASUS BIOS device driver LPE, Firefox RCE added

02/24/14, “Apple iOS Remote Forced Access-Point Association”/“Apple iOS Remote Forced Firmware Update Avoidance” no longer available, OpenPAM (used on BSDs) LPE added

See Vlad’s blog for pointers to other Wikileaks.org-based email articles on these two entries.

I wish there was a list of former 0-days, at least the firmware subset… I also wish there was a safe place to download the “Uefi_windows_persistent.zip” and “Z5WE1X64.fd” files listed in the Intel ATR blog.

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