LUV 2.0-RC2 released

[[ UPDATE: Comment from Ricardo Neri of Intel on the checksums: The checksum file is in the same directory as the source tarball:
I thought I checked there before commenting on this, but I probably missed it. Sorry! ]]

Today Ricardo Neri of the Intel LUV team announced the release of LUV 2.0-RC2 release.

It updates the bits to fresher ones: Yocto Fido, Linux kernel 4.1, FTWS 15.7.0, BITS 1219, and CHIPSEC 1.2.1, as well as improvements in the HTML output of LUV’s test manager. IMO, fresh test suites are reason enough for updates, beyond additional changes, especially CHIPSEC 1.2.1 update…

PS: There was no checksum in the announce email, nor any on the web site which I could find. It would be nice to include that kind of information in future releases.

More Information:

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