What is the safest firmware solution?

Stephan of the coreboot project is currently having a Twitter conversation with some others. It includes this post:

This makes me wonder, has anyone compared Chrome’s Verified Boot with UEFI’s Secure Boot. With and w/o TPM chip on Intel or TrustZone on ARM. It would be nice if some cyypto-savvy researchers could analyze the crypto used in both implementations and give a comparison, including how these solutions meet the NIST and NSA/CC criteria for securing BIOS.

In terms of code size, coreboot has a much smaller codebase than tianocore, even with the all the additional size that Chrome brings to it’s coreboot dialect. But both Secure Boot and Verified Boot are nearly the same in terms of PKI.

On a related not, I’ll do a future blog post looking into the various boot flavors: Trusted Boot, Secure Boot, Measured Boot, Verified Boot, etc.

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