Qubes 3.0-RC alpha of LiveUSB release

Joanna Rutkowska of Invisible Things Lab posted a message to the qubes-users mailing list today, announcing a new Live USB image format of Qubes OS.

“We have built and uploaded the first ever working Qubes Live USB image! 🙂 It’s based on the recently released 3.0-rc2 release. Now you should be able to run and try Qubes OS of any laptop without needing to install it anywhere!”

Note that it currently does not work with UEFI:

“We have faced several challenges when making this Live USB edition of Qubes OS, which traditional Linux distro don’t need to bother with:
1. We needed to ensure Xen is properly started when booting the stick. In fact we still don’t support UEFI boot for the sitck for this reason, even though the Fedora liveusb creator we used does support it. Only legacy boot for this version, sorry.
Current limitations
7. UEFI boot doesn’t work, and if you try booting it via UEFI Xen will not be started, rendering the whole experiment unusable.”

Read the full announcement here:


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