LUV 2.0 RC3 released

Ricardo Neri of Intel announced version 2.0-RC3 of the LUV (Linux UEFI Validation) distribution today. It includes fresh versions of CHIPSEC, FWTS, BITS, as well as changes to LUV. Excerpts of announcement:

This release includes improvements to allow to use the same LUV USB stick several times and save the results of all the executions. This comes handy when, for instance, you want tests several systems or you need to run LUV several times if you are debugging. From now on, the luv-results directory name will be appended with a timestamp; it will look like: luv-results-yyyy-mm-dd–hh-mm-ss. A new directory will be created each time you run LUV. If, for any reason (e.g., your system resets the real time clock each time you reboot) a directory with the same timestamps exists already in the luv-results partition, a number will be appended to the newly created directory.

We have bumped the following test suite versions: FTWS is now V15.09.00, CHIPSEC is now v1.2.1, BITS is now 2005.

On top of FWTS, we have a applied a patch to downgrade the the severity of failure in systems that are prepared for Secure Boot (i.e., have a database of keys and certificates) but do not have the Microsoft UEFI CA certificate. This is especially relevant for users that want to build their own chain of trust. This is a patch that is in process of being merged in to FWTS (

We also have included a change in the LEG (Linaro) kernel to fix a build break due to a problem in the kernel configuration. Work is in progress to use the mainline kernel instead of the LEG kernel tree.

There are patches to improve builds of sbsigntool in native and cross-compilation mode.

More info:

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