resflash: Resilient OpenBSD images for flash memory

Resflash is a tool for building OpenBSD images for embedded and cloud systems in a reproducible way. Resflash exclusively uses read-only and memory-backed filesystems, and because the partitions are only written to during system upgrades (or as configured), filesystems are not subject to corruption or fsck due to power loss – and even cheap flash drives can last virtually forever. Resflash images can be written to any bootable media, flash or conventional, and make great firewalls and NAS boot drives. Resflash was written from scratch, with inspiration drawn from NanoBSD and flashrd.

Brian Conway of RCE Software just announced UEFI support for resflash:

I just pushed a new update to resflash that enables UEFI boot on 5.8-current and newer. There are no knobs to use this, it will be enabled if the sets used to create your OpenBSD base_dir support it, and will create an EFI System Partition (ESP) before the main OpenBSD partition. Partitioning is still done via MBR, so the image produced will be bootable in either native UEFI mode or in BIOS/CSM mode.

A few caveats:
– OpenBSD UEFI support is still under heavy development and is not guaranteed to work on all hardware. Also, I’m unable to get serial console output working yet on any of my hardware.
– Support is subject to change as GPT support in OpenBSD evolves, but I’m hoping not to break out images into separate UEFI and BIOS images.

Also, I’ve released a set of sample tools for building and configuring resflash images called resflash-tools.

Full announcement:

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