DIY Google USB Type-C USB sniffer

Rajaram Regupathy has a blog post on building your own Google USB-PD Sniffer:

Explore Google Chromium USB Type-C example designs using USB – C Thru

One of the early adopters of USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery is Google for their Chromium projects. More interestingly Google shared the complete design of the USB Type-C products in public domain right from schematic to source code of the solutions. This article explores how to use USB C-Thru board to explore Google’s designs there by enabling you to develop custom USB Type-C design of your own. This article enables you to make your own Google USB-PD Sniffer aka  “Twinkie” using USB C-Thru and a STM32 development board for just 65$ in 3 steps […]

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