lowRISC project enters GSoC 2016

“The lowRISC is taking part in the 2016 Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Additional projects mentored by other organisations that may benefit lowRISC and the open source hardware eocsystem include multi-threaded TCG in QEMU, developing a RISC-V processor model for ArchC, improving the RISC-V port of Coreboot, or working on cross-bootstrap in Debian. Also see the MyHDL projects. Student applications are open between March 14th and March 25th. Project ideas (in no particular order):

Porting musl libc to RISC-V
Improve device-tree support for the Linux RISC-V port
Schematic Viewer for Netlists (SVG/JavaScript)
An alternative flow for ice40 place and route
Port a teaching operating system to the lowRISC platform
Integrate more open-source IP for lowRISC on FPGAs
Implement a Trusted Execution Environment
Trace-debug analysis tool
Generic hardware/software interface for software-defined radio
Implement a SPIR-V front end for Nyuzi
Port an operating system kernel to Nyuzi”


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