Reversing Huawei router part 2: U-Boot’s CLI

Juan Carlos Jiménez has written the 2nd part of his series on reversing a Huawei router! The first part was excellent, this one is just as good.

Practical Reverse Engineering Part 2 – Scouting the Firmware

In part 1 we found a debug UART port that gave us access to a linux shell. At this point we’ve got the same access to the router that a developer would use to debug issues, control the system, etc. This first overview of the system is easy to access, doesn’t require expensive tools and will often yield very interesting results. If you want to do some hardware hacking but don’t have the time to get your hands too dirty, this is often the point where you stop digging into the hardware and start working on the higher level interfaces: network vulnerabilities, ISP configuration protocols, etc. […]

Part 2:

Part 1:

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