Security updates in Android N

Lucian Armasu has a story in Toms Hardware about Android N security changes, summarizing a presentation from Adrian Ludwig of Android at the recent Google I/O event. The story has a link to the Google I/O video, as well. Outline of Lucian’s story:

Hardware-Backed Keystore (Now Mandatory)
Fingerprint And Smart Lock Authentication
Secure Networking
Storage Encryption
Strictly Enforced Verified Boot
Checking Device Health
Other System Restrictions & Improvements

“[…] Ludwig said that a major security feature of Android these days is the hardware-backed ‘keystore’, which is available in the vast majority of Android devices thanks to various implementations of ARM’s TrustZone. Although TrustZone has been mainly implemented by chip makers and OEMs to enable stricter DRM protection, Google started making it available to application developers in the past few years. […]”

“[…] If in Android M the phone would warn the user only that the boot was modified by unknown code, in version N the device will not boot if the boot process has been maliciously modified. Google also introduced bit-level error correction in the verified boot feature, which can erase changes that would, for instance, keep a device rooted after it’s been rooted. […]”

Full story:


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