ezFIO – NVMe SSD Benchmark Tool

Quoting the blog and readme:

ezFIO is a Linux and Windows wrapper for the cross-platform FIO IO testing tool. It always includes a repeatable preconditioning (also known as “seasoning”) stage, to help simulate the true long-term performance of eSSDs. A wide variation in IO sizes and parallelism is run automatically.

ezFIO also includes long-term performance stability measures, which allow for latency outliers and deviations to be numerically represented and graphically identified quickly. These new SSD metrics show Quality of Service, both at a Macro level (standard deviation over time) and Micro Level (measurement of minimum and maximum latency outliers). And, finally, ezFIO takes all these results and produces an Open Document formatted spreadsheet usable under Linux or Windows with embedded graphs and raw test results to make examining these results consistently derived and for any NVMe device to be compared.

This test script is intended to give a block-level based overview of SSD performance (SATA, SAS, and NVME) under real-world conditions by focusing on sustained performance at different block sizes and queue depths.  Both text-mode Linux and GUI and text-mode Windows versions are included.


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