DMTF Redfish 1.0.2 released

DMTF released Redfish 1.0 a while ago, and now they’ve done their first revision to this IPMI replacement technology. Excerpting DMTF’s press release:

The latest specification and schemas for the DMTF’s Redfish standard are now available. Now available for download, the 2016.1 publication includes new Redfish schemas for AttributeRegistry, Bios, Drive, Memory, MemoryCollection, MemoryMetrics, SecureBoot, Storage, StorageCollection and Volume. In addition, this release includes minor updates to the Chassis, ComputerSystem, Event, Manager, Power, Resource, SimpleStorage and Thermal schemas, along with all previously released schemas using updated file naming conventions. Released separately as a Work in Progress (WIP) for public comment, the DSP8010-WIP-2016.0.9a () publication includes new Redfish schemas for providing firmware update services (UpdateService, FirmwareInventory) and PCIe switch and device management (PCIeDevice, PCIeFunction, PCIePort, PCIeSwitch, and PCIeZone, and respective Collection schemas). In addition, DMTF has released version 1.0.2 of the Redfish Scalable Platforms Management API Specification, which defines the protocols, data model, and behaviors for Redfish.



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