more on Microsoft UEFI Secure Boot golden key news

There are a few news stories coming out saying that the recent Microsoft Secure Boot stories are mostly false, pointing to a Steve Gibson video podcast.

If someone had some good technical background on this story, please leave a Comment to this post, thanks!

Kurt Mackie has a story in Redmond Magazine about the recent Microsoft Secure Boot news:

[…] There were no actual software keys involved when anonymous researchers claimed that Microsoft had leaked so-called “golden keys” to the Windows secure boot protection scheme, according to an industry veteran. That point of view was offered by Steve Gibson, president and founder of Gibson Research Corp., a small software development firm in Laguna Hills, Calif. “It was completely wrongly reported” by the press, Gibson said in a “Security Now” show yesterday. Gibson is cohost on the show, which is published by the Twit network. “It was nice work,” Gibson said about the researchers’ findings, “but the whole golden key was an absolute red herring referring to the notion of backdoor systems. But this wasn’t that. It was a mistake.” […] “What this actually was was an implementation design error in the handling of boot permission policies which can be used to trick older versions of the UEFI secure boot manager using some components of an update. So the so-called ‘Redstone’ version of Windows 10, which is version 1607, we know it as the ‘anniversary update,’ it added some new technology in the concept of supplemental secure boot policies, which can, for example, be used for test-signing development code. And of course, that could also be [used for running] malicious rootkits and so on.” […]

Kareem Anderson of WinBeta has a similar story:

Microsoft’s ‘Golden key’ is more agenda than actuality “None of that is true. Complete misreporting.”

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