UEFI Forum updates Secure Boot revocation database?

I wish I knew some more authoritative sources of news for this Microsoft Secure Boot story… 😦 The below post implies that the UEFI Forum’s Secure Boot recovation list file has been updated in response to recent news.

I REALLY wish the UEFI Forum would *announce* when they update their Secure Boot revocation list, and include version history to the changes, and keep older releases available for diffing against current one. It seems something this important should not be under public version control so you can see when keys come and go, and why. The current web page on this database should include information about the entries in the current database, and show changes and why. The page for this database should include end-user information for sysadmins to apply this to their systems, I see no real documentation on this page on how to properly use this database.

excerpt from https://blog.uncooperative.org/blog/2016/08/18/secure-boot-failures-and-mitigation/

[…] In response, UEFI is distributing an updated version of the Secure Boot revocation list, aka dbx. dbx is used to remove previously granted access from a UEFI driver or application, or from a signing certificate, declaring that signature invalid or signatures with the blacklisted certificate to be invalid. This update adds 64 new new individual signature entries into dbx, raising the total to 77.  […]

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