UEFI EDK2 Platform Proposal V2

Michael Kinney of Intel posted the V2 RFC for the EDK2 Platform Proposal, dealing with how to deal with repos and branches. Outline of changes and problem statement excerpted below, see the full proposal for much more details.

Changes from V1:
* edk2-platform is not a fork of edk2.
* edk2-platforms branches contain CPU, Chipset, SoC, and platform specific packages
* edk2-plaforms/master contains all open platforms that are synced with edk2/master.
* Each edk2-platforms branch may support many platforms (not just one)
* Use PACKAGES_PATH to do builds using packages from multiple repositories
* Update edk2-platforms branch naming to clearly identify platforms that are considered stable and platforms that are under active development.
* edk2 developers may be required to verify platforms in edk2-platforms builds as part of test criteria.  Especially platforms that are intended to be used with edk2/master in edk2-platforms/stable-* branches.

Problem statement: Need place on tianocore.org where platforms can be maintained by the EDK II community.  This serves several purposes:
* Encourage more platforms sources to be shared earlier in the development process
* Allow platform sources to be shared that may not yet meet all edk2 required quality criteria
* Allow platform source to be shared so the EDK II community may choose to help finish and validate
* Allow more platforms to be used as part of the edk2 validation and release cycle.
* Not intended to be used for bug fixes.

For more information, see the archives of the edk2-devel@lists.01.org list.


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