cellular baseband vulnerability for Nissan/Infinity/BMW/Ford

Advisory (ICSA-17-208-01)
Continental AG Infineon S-Gold 2 (PMB 8876)
ATTENTION: Remotely exploitable/low skill level to exploit. Public exploits are available.
Vendor: Continental AG
Equipment: Infineon S-Gold 2 (PMB 8876)
Vulnerabilities: Stack-Based Buffer Overflow, Improper Restriction of Operations within the Bounds of a Memory Buffer

AFFECTED PRODUCTS: All telematics control modules (TCUs) built by Continental AG that contain the S-Gold 2 (PMB 8876) cellular baseband chipset are affected. The S-Gold 2 (PMB 8876) is found in the following vehicles: <see full announcement for list of Nissan, Infinity, BMW, Ford, etc models.>

An attacker with a physical connection to the TCU may exploit a buffer overflow condition that exists in the processing of AT commands. This may allow arbitrary code execution on the baseband radio processor of the TCU. A vulnerability in the temporary mobile subscriber identity (TMSI) may allow an attacker to access and control memory. This may allow remote code execution on the baseband radio processor of the TCU.

Mickey Shkatov, Jesse Michael, and Oleksandr Bazhaniuk of the Advanced Threat Research Team at McAfee have reported the vulnerabilities.





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