Attify’s Firmware Analysis Toolkit and AttifyOS VM

Attify has a Firmware Analysis Toolkit (FAT). Apparently they include a pre-built version of it in their AttifyOS VM, and use it in their IoT training:

Firmware Analysis Toolkit: FAT is a toolkit built in order to help security researchers analyze and identify vulnerabilities in IoT and embedded device firmware. This is built in order to use for the “Offensive IoT Exploitation” training conducted by Attify. As of now, it is simply a script to automate Firmadyne which is a tool used for firmware emulation. In case of any issues with the actual emulation, please post your issues in the firmadyne issues.

Attify OS – Distro for pentesting IoT devices: Instead of spending time installing, configuring and setting up various tools required for IoT pentesting, here is a pre-made distro for you containing the tools that would come handy during any Internet of Things Security Assessment or Penetration testing.

From training site:
Firmware analysis: IoT devices and embedded systems run on firmware, which often hold a lot of secrets and sensitive information. This module will help you analyze and extract firmware, thus helping you identify vulnerabilities in the firmware for IoT devices. We will also look at firmware emulation using FAT, a custom tool built by Attify with which you can emulate firmware and perform all sorts of “non-hardware” based attacks. The tool is fully scriptable and hence can be modified and used according to your preference. You also get access to the API, which will allow you to use the tool for your own further research. (unsure if this official or not)


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