SisyphOS: UEFI-based Rust kernel

sisyphos-kernel-uefi-x86_64: UEFI-based Rust kernel

A Rust kernel running on bare UEFI (no separate bootloader). Very early stage. Basically, the eventual goal is to build a non-opinionated microkernel that can load regular ELF64 programs as kernel “modules”. Actually, just fairly conventional processes, except running in kernel space (they are assumed to be written in Rust and reproducible, so that hardware protections are unnecessary, similar but unrelated to Microsoft’s Singularity project). The core micro/nano/whateverkernel will link up the loaded applications with a builtin dynamically linked library that exposes its functionality, moving the responsibility for higher-level problems (such as syscalls) into these loadable binaries, and also allowing simple emulation without virtualization for debugging purposes.[…]


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