ARM adds ACPIView tool to UEFI Shell: dump ACPI tables

For UEFI Shell uers, there is another ACPI diagnostic tool, in addition to CHIPSEC and acpidump. Excerpts of edk2-devel mailing list post and tool manpage below, see full list posting for source code and more info.

ShellPkg: Add acpiview tool to dump ACPI tables
This program is provided to allow examination of ACPI table contents from the UEFI Shell. This can help with investigations, especially at that stage where the tables are not enabling an OS to boot. The program is not exhaustive, and only encapsulates detailed knowledge of a limited number of table types. Default behaviour is to display the content of all tables installed. ‘Known’ table types will be parsed and displayed with descriptions and field values. Where appropriate a degree of consistency checking is done and errors may be reported in the output. Other table types will be displayed as an array of Hexadecimal bytes. To facilitate debugging, the -t and -b options can be used to generate a binary file image of a table that can be copied elsewhere for investigation using tools such as those provided by This is especially relevant for AML type tables like DSDT and SSDT. The inspiration for this is the existing smbiosview Debug1 Shell command. Many tables are not explicitly handled, in part because no examples are available for our testing. The program is designed to be extended to new tables with minimal effort, and contributions are invited.

Display ACPI Table information.

ACPIVIEW [[-?] | [[-l] | [-s AcpiTable [-d]]] [-c] [-v] [-h Highlight]]
-l – Display list of installed ACPI Tables.
-s – Display only the specified AcpiTable type.
AcpiTable : The required ACPI Table type.
-d – Generate a binary file dump of the specified AcpiTable.
-c – Consistency checking (enabled by default).
-v – Display verbose data (enabled by default).
-h – Enable/Disable Colour Highlighting.
Highlight : TRUE/ON enables highlighting;
FALSE/OFF (default) disables highlighting.
-? – Show help.

Formatted display and checking is provided for these signature types:
APIC – Multiple APIC Description Table (MADT)
BGRT – Boot Graphics Resource Table
DBG2 – Debug Port Table 2
FACP – Fixed ACPI Description Table (FADT)
GTDT – Generic Timer Description Table
IORT – IO Remapping Table
MCFG – Memory Mapped Config Space Base Address Description Table
RSDP – Root System Description Pointer
SLIT – System Locality Information Table
SPCR – Serial Port Console Redirection Table
SRAT – System Resource Affinity Table
XSDT – Extended System Description Table


To display a list of the installed table types:
fs0:\> acpiview -l

To parse and display a specific table type:
fs0:\> acpiview -s GTDT

To save a binary dump of the contents of a table to a file in the current working directory:
fs0:\> acpiview -s DSDT -d

To display contents of all ACPI tables:
fs0:\> acpiview

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