RU 5.20.0328 beta released

RU is closed-source freeware for MS-DOS and UEFI. Some UI changes and bugfixes. Changes include:

* Add PCI Express Capabilities Register.bit8 Slot implemented information to info block
* Fix device name was not cleared while changing PCI device
* F6 PCI list changes (PCI Express) to PCIe
* RU /D ACPI: Display the saving file information more clearly
* ALT-6 ACPI table list now list OEM ID, OEM Table ID and Creator ID.
* Fix wrong ACPI table checksum bad information if the length > 0xffff

Important notes: Every version of RU has it own bugs simply because I did not test it fully. Please leave comments here if you find any bug. RU.EXE are not tested at all.

Password: 174105371023

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