RU 5.20.0328 beta released

RU is closed-source freeware for MS-DOS and UEFI. Some UI changes and bugfixes. Changes include:

* Add PCI Express Capabilities Register.bit8 Slot implemented information to info block
* Fix device name was not cleared while changing PCI device
* F6 PCI list changes (PCI Express) to PCIe
* RU /D ACPI: Display the saving file information more clearly
* ALT-6 ACPI table list now list OEM ID, OEM Table ID and Creator ID.
* Fix wrong ACPI table checksum bad information if the length > 0xffff

Important notes: Every version of RU has it own bugs simply because I did not test it fully. Please leave comments here if you find any bug. RU.EXE are not tested at all.

Password: 174105371023

RU.EFI updated, screen snapshot support

 RU 5.18.291 BETA
This release is mainly for saving snapshot from RU screen as BMP file.  Which is requested by Gary and other users.  Special thanks to Mykhaylo for the help. I didn’t test this version at all, so it could be buggy.  Please leave me a message if you find any bug.

New feature:
RU.EFI: Add F12 key to capture the screen snapshot to BMP file.
File name is auto-generated: Format: “YYYYMMDDhhmmss.bmp”
RU.EXE does not support this.

See post for list of bugfixes.

RU-EFI updated

RU 5.17.0284 Beta came out recently. A lot of UI changes in this release, see the announcement for lots of screenshots. List of minor changes:

    Fixed ALT-M is not working for SMBIOS.
    UEFI variables: Fixed DEL deletes a variable but the list was not updated accordingly.
    Highlight color for key help in command line.
    CTRL-F and CTRL-D are just for the first search.  CTRL-DOWN and CTRL-UP will continue the last search.
    Added more key list on the pull-down menu.
    Mass storage: Fixed search did not advance to next LBA.
    SMBUS: Fixed compare SMBUS saved file is not working.
    RU.EFI screen is moved to the center of 100*31 resolution.
    E820: Added 2 more type according to ACPI E820 spec: Unusable and Disabled.
    E820: Added Extended Attribute support.
    MEMORY: Fixed memory address is always reset while input a new one and RU.EXE could display garbage characters.
    SPD: Support Skylake 2 pages SPD.
    F1 is changed to display all help lines on info block.
    CTRL-F1 is added to display original help window.

tool mini-review: Read Universal utility (RUEXE)

[Correction: the .EXE is for MS-DOS, not for Windows.]

Feedback from a very smart reader:

“The Read Universal utility is a Swiss-Army-Knife for BIOS debugging, the tools that provides direct access to almost all resources like memory, IO space, PCI, SMBIOS data, UEFI variables and so on. The tool is written by AMI’s UEFI engineer James Wang.”

James site say: “I wrote RU.EXE for debugging BIOS problems in 1993. It was a simple tool but it turns out to be too complex now. And yes, I am still working for a BIOS company.”

The release includes MS-DOS-based ru.exe and UEFI-based ru.efi binaries. AFAICT, there are no sources on Google Code, it looks like this is a closed-source freeware tool. The release page for each release includes a password. Read the blog for multiple articles that describe new features.
[I’m just learning about this tool, obviously. I’ve been using open source tools for so long that I’m a bit nervous about using closed-source freeware binaries, but recommendation is from someone smart, so I’m setting up a safe environment to learn to use this tool. 🙂 ]