NCC Group releases Cachegrab, tool for trace-driven cache attacks against ARMv8 TrustZone


34C3 Tool Release: Cachegrab

Today, NCC Group is releasing Cachegrab, a tool designed to help perform and visualize trace-driven cache attacks against software in the secure world of TrustZone-enabled ARMv8 cores. These cache attacks, as well as other microarchitectural attacks on secure computing environments, were presented at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress. There are two key properties of many TrustZone implementations that make the attacks within Cachegrab feasible. First, the secure world and non-secure world often share the caches within a processor. This means that when software executes in the secure world, it affects the presence or absence of non-secure world entries within the shared cache. Second, privileged users in the non-secure world are able to use privileged instructions to interleave attacker and victim processes, as well as determine what non-secure data has been evicted from the cache.[…]



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