khwasan: kernel hardware assisted address sanitizer

“Kernel HardWare-assisted AddressSANitiser (KHWASAN). It’s a much less RAM-hungry ASAN for your kernel, AArch64-only”

This patchset adds a new mode to KASAN, which is called KHWASAN (Kernel
HardWare assisted Address SANitizer). There’s still some work to do and
there are a few TODOs in the code, so I’m publishing this as a RFC to
collect some initial feedback.

The plan is to implement HWASan [1] for the kernel with the incentive,
that it’s going to have comparable performance, but in the same time
consume much less memory, trading that off for somewhat imprecise bug
detection and being supported only for arm64.[…]!topic/kasan-dev/XXflR8Qy6g0

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