UEFI Python: CPython 3.x or MicroPython 3.4?

In the beginning, Intel maintained CPython 2.x for UEFI. Current version is 2.7x. It looks like they may have stopped porting it, I am unclear.

In addition to Intel’s CPython 2.7x port, recently Google has proposed updating CPython 3.x to support UEFI, see:


I may’ve missed it, but I not sure Intel is involved with this effort.

At the UEFI Plugfest later this month, Intel is giving a talk about MicroPython for UEFI, “Implementing MicroPython in UEFI”.  So I am *guessing* that Intel has chosen MicroPython over CPython. I presume this means that CPython 2.7x port is now abandonware. I hope the CPython 3.x proposal is not dead, because of this MicroPython effort. Hoping both get traction, but will not hold my breath…


Differences between CPython and MicroPython:

Once once of these Python 3.x implementations works, and the CHIPSEC project ports from 2.x to 3.c, I can finally stop using v2!!

MicroPython Logo


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