U-Boot v2018.11-rc1 released

The RC of the November release of U-Boot is out. Usually, you basically haev to follow the U-Boot mailing list to track changes, but this announcement was more verbose than normal:

List of changes between -rc1 and -rc2:

– The SPI-NAND changes have fully been integrated now.
– ARM Versatile Express updates
– QEMU support in RiscV
– Rockchip updates
– fixes to rkimage for SPL boot via USB
– fixes to make_fit_atf.py, incl. entry-point calculation and python3 compatibility
– OP-TEE support for ARMv7-based SoCs
– fixes to RGMII/GMII selection on the RK3328
– ARC updates
– CPU and board info prints
– Synopsys IoT development kit support
– Take care of global uninitialized variables.
– Add support for SD-card detection on all ARC boards
– R-Mobile, SoCFPGA updates
– Sandbox SPL/TPL support
– Various DM, Test updates.
– Various general ARM, Meson, TI K2/K3 updates
– OP-TEE AVB support

We’re looking at release on November 12th, 2018.


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