A Primer on Trustworthy Secure Bootloading, exemplified on a RISC-V processor system

A Primer on Trustworthy Secure Bootloading*
*exemplified on a RISC-V processor system

Hi, my name is Ilia and I work at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab with Srini Devadas to imagine a world where users of computers worldwide can be safe from one other and from themselves. But who might you be? Here, I will assume you have some familiarity with computer system architecture for the deep dive into our case study of a secure RISC-V processor system. I will otherwise attempt to keep this article as accessible as possible. If you find this text confusing, misleading, or otherwise underwhelming, send me a note! I’d like to improve.

TL;DR: scroll down for an implementation example of a secure bootloader on a typical RISC-V system.[…]

Hmm, this WordPress blog does strange things with Medium.com-based URLs, I’ll include two versions below, one with a SPACE in it, so you can copy the text, the second will be processed by WordPress, may not be visible on some systems (like mine):

https://medium.com/ @ilia.lebedev/secure-boot-2d6e319b6978

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