Orange Slice: A research kernel and hypervisor attempting to get fully deterministic emulation with minimum performance cost

Orange Slice is a research kernel and hypervisor with an end goal of creating a deterministic hypervisor. This will be developed almost entirely in my free time, and will probably move slow. However I will try to stream almost all dev for this project, such that people can ask questions and hopefully learn a thing or two about kernel and hypervisor development! This deterministic hypervisor is going to be designed from the start for fuzzing. Having determinism in a hypervisor would allow us to never have an issue with reproducing a bug, regardless of how complex the bug is. However as a hypervisor we will benefit from the performance of hardware-accelerated virtualization. The end goal is a deterministic hypervisor, capable of booting Windows and Linux, with less than a 5x performance slowdown to achieve instruction-and-cycle level determinism for cycle counts and interrupt boundaries.


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