“UEFI Reading Book GRUB” (in Japanese)





Excerpting Google Translate of this Japanaese web page:

We will distribute the new edition ” UEFI Reading Book GRUB ” as “Marine Soft Matter” in the technical textbook 6 to be held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on April 14, 2019. The previously published ” UEFI Reader Basic Edition Linux Edition” will be separated as the basic edition and distributed as ” UEFI Reader Linux Edition”. The placement destination is “U 27”.
UEFI reading book GRUB ed.

” UEFI Reader Basic edition Linux edition” (hereinafter referred to as ” Linux edition”) distributed in the last technical book 5 was read by many people, despite being the first coterie of ocean soft matter I would like to thank you at this place. In ” Linux “, we tracked the boot process on EFI stub at source code level. However, many Linux distributions often use the GRUB bootloader, which has not covered the boot process in a typical Linux environment. So in this document we will look at GRUB startup and Linux startup in a UEFI environment. However, Linux startup itself is not covered here because of space limitations.

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