’s BMC-Toolbox, including BMClib

I thought OpenBMC was the only attempt at BMC library implementation. There’s also bmclib from the BMC-Toolbox project, by

BMC-Toolbox projects:

  • bmcldap: A LDAP proxy to authenticate BMCs
  • bmcbutler: BMC configuration management tool
  • bmclogin: A small helper library to login to BMCs.
  • dora: Tool to discover, collect data from multiple types of Servers and Chassis BMCs
  • actor: Api to carry out actions to BMCs
  • gin-go-metrics: gin-gonic/gin middleware to gather and store metrics using rcrowley/go-metrics
  • bmclib: Library to interact with bmcs from different vendors
  • redgopher: An attempt to generate a redfish 2018.3 openAPI client
  • bmcfwupd: BMC firmware management tool

There was a talk about bmclib at the last FOSDEM:

This talk is about bmclib, a library written to perform asset lifecycle management, across a fleet of bare metal servers, it leverages existing (mostly undocumented) APIs on Baseboard Management Controllers, and exposes a consistent API interface to: Inventorize bare metal hardware, Manage BMC/BIOS configuration, Reliably Power cycle/PXE boot bare metal, Update firmware on BMCs. […]

Click to access bmclib.pdf

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