LinuxBoot’s u-bmc project: U-Root/Go-centric Linux BMC distro

u-bmc is a Linux OS distribution that is fully open-source for baseboard management controllers, or BMCs. u-bmc uses u-root to create a Linux OS distribution that is fully open-source. u-bmc borrows and contributes to OpenBMC which has similar high-level goals. The main difference is that u-bmc chooses to challenge the industry status quo. E.g. where OpenBMC uses IPMI, u-bmc uses gRPC. […] Historically BMCs have been considered insecure by nature and have received little to no attention – not unlike BIOSes. While LinuxBoot’s mission is to uplift BIOS firmware for existing servers, u-bmc’s is to uplift BMC firmware. The implementations differ, some things are shared, but the goal is the same. u-bmc, like LinuxBoot, sacrifices classical industry compatibility in order to offer a solution that is genuinely tailored for the mission. By close collaboration between LinuxBoot and u-bmc, the hope is to one day have servers that ship with both free and open BMC as well as BIOS.

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