Dell’s RedDrum: a Python Redfish API Service with Simulator and OpenBMC backends

From a March 2018 Dell blog post:

[…]Our latest contribution to the open source community is related to our work on Redfish. It is RedDrum, an open source, python-based implementation of a Redfish service, and includes a recipe for backend integration with OpenBMC. RedDrum allows client system management software to use standard Redfish APIs to access the capabilities provided by OpenBMC. RedDrum is derived from the currently shipping Dell EMC DSS 9000 Rack Manager Redfish service and shows our continued leadership and commitment to improve developer and interoperability tools to enable the Redfish eco-system. Our open source RedDrum contribution includes two important components: A high-fidelity Redfish Service Simulator for developers, and Integration with a real OpenBMC platform (Power9 server). Both the simulator implementation and the platform integration implementation are structured with a “front-end” protocol engine and a “back-end” for data gathering/processing. The front-end protocol engine for both is exactly the same, but the back-end capabilities are what distinguish them.[…]

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