VZ recent blog posts

Vincent Zimmer of Intel has been busy blogging the last few days… 🙂

His personal blog has a few topics related to UEFI. He talks about evolving EFI-based procotols, using hardware interrupts in the polled driver model-based UEFI OS, and MdePkg library design, and Intel TXT along with Secure Boot and Measured Boot, and member of a recently former Intel employee, George Cox, who recently passed on.

At work, Vincent wrote a blog for the Intel Firmware blog. In this blog post, he covers some background on the “Beyond BIOS” white paper series that they’ve been doing for a decade.

(These are both blogs I follow, and I’ll list on the blogroll once I figure out how to use WordPress to expose the blogroll.)

There are MANY links in these two blog posts, a few of them are new. Worth reading, if you care about UEFI on Intel.

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Spring Plugfest presentations uploaded

The PDFs of the presentations from last months’ UEFI Forum plugfest have been uploaded to uefi.org.

(scroll about half-way through the page, after the Youtube videos…)

* System Prep Applications – Powerful New Feature in UEFI 2.5 – Kevin Davis (Insyde Software)
* Filling UEFI/FW Gaps in the Cloud – Mallik Bulusu (Microsoft) and Vincent Zimmer (Intel)
* PreBoot Provisioning Solutions with UEFI – Zachary Bobroff (AMI)
* An Overview of ACPICA Userspace Tools – David Box (Intel)
* UEFI Firmware – Securing SMM – Dick Wilkins (Phoenix Technologies)
* Overview of Windows 10 Requirements for TPM, HVCI and SecureBoot – Gabe Stocco, Scott Anderson and Suhas Manangi (Microsoft)
* Porting a PCI Driver to ARM AArch64 Platforms – Olivier Martin (ARM)
* Firmware in the Data Center: Goodbye PXE and IPMI. Welcome HTTP Boot and Redfish! – Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (Hewlett Packard)
* A Common Platforms Tree – Leif Lindholm (Linaro)

This’ll be a very short blog, as I’m busy reading 9 new PDFs… 🙂 I’ll do blogs on some these specific presentations in the coming days.



VZ on network usage of UEFI 2.5

Vincent Zimmer of Intel recently gave a presentation on use of UEFI 2.5 and Cloud-related issues. The talk was given at the Open Compute Project, and recently reprised at the Spring UEFI Forum event. The focus is UEFI-centric use of network booting, and firmware updates. This is a useful presentation to help understand one way UEFI uses it’s network stack.

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